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Scally Jay's only concern is getting his thick, meaty, uncut cock firmly imbedded into the next hot, horny ass that veers his way - in this instance the ass in question belonging to Nick Wilson, a tattooed, football-obsessed member of the underclass who'll appeal to anyone who likes his guys on the rough and ready side. Wilson's dick is very much a thing of beauty and certainly warrants young Jay's deep-throated attention for a great deal of the opening forays; but it isn't too long before Wilson is returning the compliment by rimming his mate's hairy ass. Thereupon events quickly escalate towards their climax, with Jay finally exercising his mating rights by giving Wilson's pucker a real hard pummelling; before crowing his performance by splattering the bottom's face with goo and then promptly fucking off. Leaving Wilson to knock a handsome wad of Brit-jizz all over himself for you dirty pervs.

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