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Drinking Champagne & Eating Ass

Baby, it's cold outside - but for Brad Fitt and Kevin Ateah that's even more reason to crack open the champagne and to snuggle up together to keep warm. The buzz of champagne adds a distinct sparkle to their sordid proceedings. Indeed, it's not long before Fitt is proving what a perfect addition drink makes to the act of rimming; whilst Ateah just can't wait to use the fizz as a fabulous lube on his cock-hungry ass. Needless to say, the sight of Fitt's hairless cock hammering away against his pal's pert little butt is surely one of the sights of the season; and it's not long before Ateah is spurting like a veritable trooper. An act that Fitt is only happy to replicate; and one that'll have you tugging away on your own monster for sure!

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