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Servicing Matt Hughes for Xmas

It's hard to explain just how much fun our special Christmas shoot turned out to be! Matt H, the "straight" guy with the enormous 11.5 inch uncut cock had never been deep-throated before (no wonder, eh?) so I asked two of the best cock suckers I knew to give it a try... Scott B and Tristan. The reputation of BLAKEMASON's pool of talent was on the line ;-) Well, I arrived at the studio last and it was pretty evident that some "pre shoot" practising had already been going on. As I frantically set about loading the tapes into the cameras it was real evident that this was going to turn into a crazy afternoon! The guys were in such high spirits and so looking forward to a mammoth suck fest that I had a real hard time controlling them :-) ~ Eventually we began, but the challenge was laid to all on the sofa including Matt H - let's see how much you can deep-throat! Within seconds the competition was well and truly underway and man, were they serious. This one has to be seen to be believed - there is some major sword swallowing to behold! Not only that, but there's a massive 21 minutes of bonus footage to enjoy too - you can see just how out of control things really got!

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